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EDUC 376-377 Reflective Commentary
by Jacobs MaryAnn - Monday, October 1, 2012, 2:01 PM

Dear EDUC 376-377 Participants,

I read and graded your reflective commentaries from this week. It is time to move from narration to informational writing.

As you read your EdTPA Handbook, you will note that the audience for the commentary is the Department of Education.

"These commentaries are your opportunity to describe your artifacts, explain the rationale behind their use, and analyze and reflect on what you learned...In each commentary, you will respond to prompts to provide evidence of what you know and understand about your students...commentaries must be clearly written and well focused." (Handbook - p. 1)

That being said, narratives are unacceptable. You can not tell a story - you must inform. You must respond to the prompts given and fully answer each part of each prompt. I have attached a sample based on the assignment for this week. You will note that in reflecting I am responding in a highly professional manner. I have included each part of the prompt so it is very easy for the reader to note that I have responded to each part. I am addressing this commentary based on my knowledge of the students. (For this sample, I used information from Giulianna's observed class.)

As you develop these commentraies weekly, write as though these are the students you are teaching. You are observing for this information - and as a student teacher and a classroom teacher you will also need to know this information. Please note that I also made a reference to one psychologist I studied. This made me think of something you should be doing at this point. Go back to all of the education courses you have taken. Review your notes for such concepts as philosophies of education, legal and ethical responsibilities of educators, theories of learning, learning and cognition, responding to the needs of students with disabilities, physical, cognitive and psychosocial development of the adolescent...You will recall Br. Charles' comment about including research as part of your reasoning and evidence in your commentaries.

I am sorry for a lengthy note - but I wanted to address these issues before you submit next week's commentary. Please read the attached commentary for the tone and development. I know you are able to produce high quality reflective commentaries - 

Please see me if you have questions about this as I know you will want to improve next week's submission. 

God bless!


Sr. Mary Ann