Final Paper & Presentation

Due: Fifth Class Session

In teams of two or three, select a company from the cases at the back of the third edition textbook and prepare a thorough analysis, similar to your thesis, of that company describing a problem(s) that the company is facing and suggest a solution. The paper should be 8 to 10 pages, double spaced, and should include the items listed in the Appendix section, "Writing a Case Study Analysis."

Since the textbook cases were written a few years ago, you must refer to the company's website for the latest financial and sales data, as well as other important information.  

Submit your paper on Moodle and bring a hard copy to class.

The title page and References page do not count toward the 8 to 10 page requirement.

The Abstract will be no more than 125 words and single spaced at the beginning of the paper.

You are a college student and as such you will be expected to write on the college level. Spell check, grammar check and have someone else read the paper before you submit it for grading. Poorly written papers will lose points. 

Write tight! Do not use ten words to say what could be said in three words.

You will also give an oral presentation about the company and what you have learned from this exercise.